Gembeling AI

Gembeling AI: computer scammers

In the casino and online poker artificial intelligence is still in the implementation phase. Experts believe that its use in gambling will put an end to any manifestation of fraud and promote gambling to a new level.

A set of algorithms and properties of the computer system that are able to analyze, predict and make decisions specific to humans, called artificial intelligence (AI). The system is used in autopilots, medicine, sales, industrial production, it replaces the departments of employees, and in sports is a consultant for the coach. Accordingly, in gembling it is also a way of protecting against fraudulent activity. We tell you how.

Gembeling AI
Gembeling AI

Artificial intelligence in the online gaming industry: how it is implemented and works.

The most useful AI class is machine learning. The computer recognizes human speech, images, memorizes data, makes forecasts based on them and calculates ways to solve the situation. With the transition of gambling on the Web, the number of users is increasing daily, and thus the array of processed data.

Primitive online slot machine is served by a whole staff of employees. This is not profitable, deprives the owner of part of the profit and leads to unreasonable risks. Thus AI will cope with work of all personnel more qualitatively, faster, and software cost will cost in times cheaper than salary expenses.

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In Internet gaming AI is actively used for such tasks:

  • answers to user questions. Chat-bot is economical and efficient. It is tuned for positive resolution of conflict with the client. Any inappropriate behavior will not cause a reaction from the computer, it will continue to provide information and finish the chat on a friendly note;
  • attracting and retaining users. The system collects information from users and highlights behavioral patterns and preferences. Depending on the increase or decrease in activity, it predicts the next step and offers the client creativity or a bonus that will stimulate interest in the game;
  • the computer creates a forecast of the possible income of the user and pulls up only the options available in the budget. So the user stays on the service longer and does not spend all his money in one game;
  • budget savings. For small and medium businesses it is unprofitable to hire a staff of specialists who will engage in the development of the platform. In this case, the cost of AI software pays off for several months.

The computer also takes into account the location, the gadget on which the slot machine is played, the time and duration of user activity on the Web. So the algorithm provides the highest individual conversion, brings more income and improves the quality of service for each client. In this case, data remains isolated and protected from third parties and fraudulent activity.

The algorithms are used to simulate a live game with an opponent. Bot casino and poker with bots are popular among beginners and amateurs who are gaining gambling skills. The system is programmed for zero profit. Neural networks calculate the move of an opponent, take into account his reaction, make realistic pauses before the next move. Behavior and strategy of the real player is taken into account at every next game.

The AI’s ability to fight fraud

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

A living employee can control simultaneously just a couple of processes, while AI systems continuously collect data and record the slightest deviation from the usual algorithm of users’ actions.

Below are the AI functions that have made online gambling a safe entertainment for all participants:

  1. Analysis of the cheater’s actions taking into account all previous cases of cheating on the Web. AI acts according to the prescribed rules and customizes the situation for a specific case. This helps plan the most effective actions to prevent fraud.
  2. Rapid response in real time. In less than a second, the computer recognizes the scanner attack and launches the protection protocols. This helps gambling platforms to protect gamblers’ money and avoid claims for damages incurred in the game.
  3. AI is widely used to identify users on the Web. Two- / three-stage system of recognition of the player can protect his account from interference from third parties. It also helps reduce the number of bots that are created by a person to increase his or her chances of winning.
  4. Analytical skills. The system independently collects and studies data from the entire Network. Based on the analytics, it identifies the most vulnerable areas for attack by scammers and sets up barriers.
  5. Financial risk assessment. The system sets alarm thresholds and does not force the user to pass several levels of verification without necessity. For example, a gamer can buy a certain amount of coins or attributes of the game that are necessary at this stage. But if their number is disproportionate to the needs or significantly above the norm, the AI blocks the transaction until the fraud check is complete.

The largest fraudulent situations in betting

During the period of active implementation of AI in online gaming the number of fraud cases decreased. But here are a few unique schemes of cheating, which managed to convince players at different times in the gambling industry.

How Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo turned the sound of roulette into $2 million.
To implement the plan, Garcia Pelayo recorded and listened to hundreds of hours of casino rotating roulette. He noticed that some sounds were repeated more than others, which meant that some numbers fell out more than others. Using a computer, he calculated the numbers and raised 600,000 euros on the first night of the circuit check at the casino in Madrid. His next target was Las Vegas, where he won $2 million. He was kicked out and blacklisted. As a result of the trial Garcia Pelayo managed to prove that there is nothing illegal about his actions, but he was never allowed to the casino.

The management of Absolute Poker took $1 million in prize money during the tournament

Absolute Poker took
Absolute Poker took

In 2007 Marco Johnson participated in an online poker tournament and reached the final table. There was $30,000 at stake, but the guy never won. The game was quite intense and chaotic, and at the end he decided to request a printout of his moves from the provider. By mistake, he was sent the moves of all the participants in the tournament. He noticed a suspicious system in the actions of two players. Some Potripper, who won the tournament, made certain moves at the moment when the broadcast included another player under the nickname #363. Marko reported this to the company’s support team, and it turned out that under the pseudonym Potripper played a former operating director of Absolute Poker, and player #363 – is one of the owners of the company Scott Tom. It turned out that they had access to all the customer handouts during the tournament, so they won about $1 million for two.

Radio-controlled roulette ball

In the 70s, a radio mechanic lover decided to mount a weightless radio receiver in a roulette balloon. His fiancĂ©e was playing with the radio at the table, it was a few meters away and sent the signal. The brother of the radio mechanic was at the same table and was betting to increase his chances of winning. The total profits of the crooks were estimated at $1 million. The gang was disclosed through the fault of the bride. She caught the casino owner’s attention, but rejected his advances. From that moment on, the security service began to closely monitor her daily activities and found an explanation for the hall’s losses. All the crooks were arrested, and after this incident, radio frequency silencers were installed in the casino halls.

A $500,000 buggy gaming machine

A $500,000 buggy gaming machine
A $500,000 buggy gaming machine

Jogu Kane found a programming error in the Game King poker machines. The player could replay a game with different base stakes without changing the game layout. He played for hours with a 1-cent stake, and when he won the jackpot, started the winning game with a higher stake and took the prize of $10,000. Bug was on all the company vending machines across the country. Kane and his accomplice Andre Nestor managed to raise over $500,000 until they were apprehended by the police. They were charged with breaking and entering, but the court acquitted the players. According to Kane’s lawyer, they simply exercised their right – to press the combination of buttons and take the winnings provided by the company.